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    If you think it consistently like 3rd phase shaper, i guess your username makes sense since there is no way you could have done it and still think it like that.

    Forced add phases where both bosses are invuln, elder at 75 and 25, shaper at 50. Arena hazards are obnoxious if you cant either ignore them or multi manage the balls, and tenticle poopers while staying ontop of dpsing shaper and elder.
    There is no telegraphing elders slam aside from the knowledge that it always follows his spirling poop cascade and maybe the siphon.

    We’re not talking about avoiding attacks poe currency buy running around with your head cut off. We’re talking about telegraphing attacks, and the point I was trying to get at is that spiraling cascade is an attack, and unless you’ve farmed elder to Learn his patterns, his slams appear random until you figure out that the spiraling poop chuck is the telegraph to his slam.

    The average Harbinger mob seems to drop approximately half a chaos worth of items. This means it’s rarely worth it for you to stop and farm the Harbinger mobs if all you care about is currency. The problem is that the expensive shards drop infrequently, and the cheap shards stack so high. There’s no reason a Chaos stack needs to go up to 20, but it does. There’s also no good explanation for why an Exalted Shard is almost as rare as an actual poe buy items. Of course, there’s also Mirror Shards, the only really expensive item Harbinger mobs drop, but I’m sure I’ll never see them. I can’t even get that excited about Exalted Shards knowing that they’re worth two Chaos each. In other words, Harbinger mobs bring us frequent drops that are worth very little.

    Malichai is a red mines in red blood pools with a red degen circle on red ground. If it weren’t all nearly the same colour I’d say Malahai is super fine, but it’s so easy to miss a mine when not looking exactly at It. While on the other hand you always clearly see the vortices at the Shaper fight.

    Yeah i hate that. I build up confidence in one of my characters, getting into higher and higher tier maps. Everything is going swimmingly well, do waterways a lot, kill boss ez peezee, map has a good layout, good XP, hey let’s Do it some more. Than some random time later, go to boss thinking “this will take 2 seconds” then BAM. dead. It seems totally random when he does this. I play some high DPS builds and you don’t see it 85 % of the time but then that one time you get fucked. It’s the GGG way.

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