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    There is simply no question about the impact of Google on the way we interact with the internet. Beginning with a simple yet powerful search engine Authentic Devin Funchess Jersey , Google has grown through development and purchase of other tech companies into the biggest technological conglomerate since Microsoft. It’s no coincidence that “to google” is understood to mean “to perform an online search” in common slang. The majority of services provided by Google are widely recognized as being at the forefront of their respective fields, whether it’s video sharing through YouTube or the resource-laden email experience through Gmail. This is in part because of the enormous amount of data Google collects and shares across its different products.

    Any large business is going to face criticism — some of it deservedly — and Google is no exception. Where Microsoft is widely lambasted for poor quality control in certain circles, it’s Google’s attitude towards information gathering that has some groups concerned. Google makes no secret of the information that it gathers Authentic Shaq Thompson Jersey , but it can be difficult for some users to understand what they are agreeing to when they allow Google to store data about their activities online.

    To help make the whole process more transparent, Google has unveiled another product in its vast empire: Google Dashboard. Dashboard is a helpful tracker that sums up the information Google has collected about your profile in one place. It includes everything from the latest search you performed to the number of emails sitting in your Gmail account at the moment. While this is a huge amount of information, there are a couple important things to remember. The first is that Google only has information about things that you do while on their services and while you are signed in to your account. Google will have information about which YouTube videos you have favorited Authentic Daryl Worley Jersey , but not the ones you have “liked” through Vimeo. Likewise, if you have both a Gmail and aYahoo email address, Google will only have information about the Gmail account you maintain with them.

    To view your Google Dashboard Authentic James Bradberry Jersey , visit http:googledashboard. You will have to re-enter your password even if you are currently logged in to your Google account. Once there, you can see the information stored with your account. You will also see links next to every section about privacy policy and how to change your privacy settings. You can also delete information Google has been storing about your account.

    The sheer amount of data Google stores is staggering, but it’s important to remember that much of this data is only made public in the form of aggregated Authentic Harrison Butker Jersey , non-personal information. That is to say, Google doesn’t tell third party advertizers that one specific user searched for “little black dress” but rather the overall trend of users searching for that term in a geographic area or timeperiod. Similarly, Google does not share the contents of your emails or chats. You can read the Google privacy policy at http: intlenprivacypolicy.

    The safety of your machine and data is our first priority. While we believe that you should be aware of the information that you should be aware of what information you are sharing with others Authentic Daeshon Hall Jersey , we in no way want to give the impression that you should stop using Google or Google products. Dashboard is a useful tool to analyze and manage the information you are sharing with Google, and it’s another way the company is attempting to honor their responsibility to protect their users privacy. If you need help understanding Google’s Dashboard or privacy policy and what it means to you, or if you have other concerns about online security feel free to give us a call at 1-800-GEEK-HELP (433-5435).

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