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    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I’m running an abyssus on my trickster flicker dude and he melts abysses. I don’t think my health poe currency purchase lobe moves off 100%. Got fortify, endurance charges, 75/75 dodge. I did just die to a divine shrine (the one that makes it so you/enemies can’t die or take damage or whatever it is. Flickers right into that room. Sucked big time.

    You need 135 x 3 resists to cap. 405 total. Thats no less than 9 T1 resist slots across all your gear. Switching them to damage is the equivalent of getting 1.5 extra pieces of gear with solely damage mods. From 1 stat line. On 1 unique. But it’s more than that, as the resistance is unreduceable. Meaning it makes you immune to all the map mods that give you elemental curses, along with the -resist map mods. From 1 mod, on 1 unique.

    I had an idea before that Abaxoth’s drop table should just include every item in the game.

    Most of the time you would still get garbage from him, but it would be pretty exciting if you killed him and a league-exclusive or boss-specific unique dropped. Some of the other normal/magic/rare items could be things like warbands or shaper/elder bases, and some already corrupted.

    those super duper items would instantly turn into 1alc items. it’s very easy to spawn abaxoth if you really want to, that’s why it’s not a good idea to give him a guaranteed unique, it simply couldn’t be all that strong and people would still complain.

    IF you give him a restricted very strong poe items, it would have to be super rare too. i’m personally down with this, but not sure if it would be worth it for ggg to design one now. a supporter could probably do it, yeah.

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