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    Agreed, I still have flashbacks to cruel Malakai when it first came out. That guy was terror. Although, my first act 10 kitava fight was not very pleasant and it is a large step up in difficulty from every other fight previously. I just always think of kitava as being overtuned because new players have a huge amount of problems with it. (usually underleveled and undergeared doesn’t help). It is also super hard to recover on the add phase if you fall behind.

    I like phoenix more. I think phoenix and chimera adds are what adds should be. All guardians (except maybe minotaur) are really well designed imho. Though I don’t like chimera’s smoke phase very much.

    POE Items is a shining example of a F2P game done right. I can’t believe how far they’ve come, I remember playing the game in closed beta years ago, when it was just one measly act and it would desync every time you tried to use certain skills. Amazing dedication from the developers right there, so rare to see these days.

    Heck, I haven’t even had a chance to play Fall of Oriath yet, just don’t have the time for it. That’s probably my biggest “issue” with the game, it requires a lot of commitment to get anything done. The engine is showing its age too, but honestly you’ll be too busy thinking how to build your character so you don’t die to notice.

    I’ve always claimed that poe orbs, but honestly after everything they’ve done, I would go as far as saying that it’s probably the only action RPG to rival D2. Yes, there have been a lot of other great titles over the years, but for the people who want a no-holds barred, old-school permadeath madness this is THE game.

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