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    Previously, Chris, Jonathan, and Erik were the listed directors of GGG. Now, Erik is no longer a director and has been replaced with two new names: Brent Richard Irvin and Jurgen Post. So out of poe currency cheap, I googled them and took a look at what’s available about them.

    Brent Richard Irvin seems like a standard corporate type. Law background. Nothing interesting imo. This feature article was all I could find about him, which has nothing to do with gaming whatsoever, but he seems like a cool guy.

    Jurgen Post though, is interesting. He’s a former SEGA Europe boss, being their COO from 2012 to 2017. From what I’ve read from a few articles, his thrust and philosophy has seemingly been towards the direction of two things.

    Now, I don’t know if he even has a say in anything of what GGG does in his capacity as director. As Chris says, nothing changes with how GGG operates. If that is literally 100% true, then the 2 new directors shouldn’t have any say in anything with regards to GGG so what I’ve posted above shouldn’t matter. On the other hand, if this guy does have input in anything that poe buy currency does moving forward, at least it feels hopeful to know that this is how he thinks.

    I think if he would have explained it that way we’d see less uproar. We’ve all seen how Chris isn’t exactly the marketing type and can even come off as awkward at times. With all the press tours, press embargoes, and the effort he has to put into the business side of the game, we start to see why Chris doesn’t isn’t even aware of some of the stuff that’s going on in the game he made. Chris gets his time back, but does he get his game back? Only time will tell.

    But the next few leagues and mtx boxes were pretty hype (fuck yeah! 10 act expansion, ascendancy reworks, Pokemon league, vaal skill reworks, trap reworks and, and more skill reworks!) so I bought some of those anyways, because the MTX looks sick and GGG’s really always been the best developer when listening and directly communicating to their community about in-game changes.

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